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Refrigerated Vehicle Temperature Printing Recorder

Термограф BS-T2DU

Self-operated controller in an elegant box for wall installation. Powered by the vehicle voltage from 8 to 32V DC. Also available in a stable case (IP65) for outdoor installation.

Continuously measure and indicate the temperatures of two separate sensors – range -40 to +50°C. The maximum cable length can be up to 30 meters.

Record temperatures in a programmable time interval from 1 to 90 minutes. Memory for 5 400 000 records, adequate for 5 years. Record the door state of the cargo bay – open/close. Record the aggregate state – turn ON/OFF. Available menus in Bulgarian and English language, easy switch change over by means of a jumper under the cover.

Print out completed "Transport document" consisting of: company-carrier, vehicle registration number, controller serial number, printing time (hour, minutes, day, month, year). Quick button “24-hours print”; quick button “72-hours print”; quick button “168-hours print”. History print menu by selecting the start and end date and time.

Password protected menus, user friendly keyboard. Backlit LCD display. Operated with standard 57 mm thermal paper. Built-in fuse and clock operated by battery. No data lost in case of power failure.

• Refrigerated trucks


Temperature and Humidity Data Logger with WiFi access


Miniature controller in an elegant wall mount box. It is powered by an external 5V adapter.

Continuously measures and indicates the temperature and humidity of a remote sensor. Range from -40 to + 125 ° C. The maximum length of the cable to the sensor can be up to 6 meters.

Records temperature and humidity over a programmable time interval of 1 to 600 minutes. Maximum number of records 8000, with endless scrolling. Available via WiFi with any smart device - smartphone, tablet, laptop top through any web browser. Connect the device to a local WiFi network.

Exports records to a .CSV file in a tabular form containing Day, Month, Year, Time, Minutes, T ° C, H%

Two-color LEDs alert to pass the minimum or maximum temperature and humidity limits set by the customer.

Sends data to a server: https://www.mydatalogger.eu. Free account for 30 days for each loger.

• Warehouses for medicines
• Warehouses for food
• Mandy
• Hives
• Dryers
• Wailing
• Mushrooms
• Greenhouses
• Heating survey
• Animal watching
• Refrigeration chambers


Electronic Data Logger With Two Temperature Sensors and Printer


Controller working alone in an elegant box for wall attachment. Powered by external power 9-12V.

Непрекъснато измерва и индицира температурите от два отдалечени датчика. Диапазон от -40 до +90°C. Максималната дължина на кабелите може да бъде до 60 метра.

Record temperatures in a programmable time interval from 1 to 99 minutes. Maximum number of records in 2740. Print the completed report (Excel file) to a computer via USB. Protocol contains company name, the name of promise, where fitted, moods vremeinterval, records number and serial number of the controller, the time of printing.

Password protected menus, elegant and easy to use keyboard. Backlit LCD display with Cyrillic characters. Free software for Windows.

• Food Storage
• Storage of chemicals
• Cold rooms
• Pharmacies, Hospitals
• Greenhouses, flower
• wineries, dairies, ointments
• Tanks, Casks
• Saunas, swimming pools
• Mushroom
• Dryers


Data Logger with 8 temperature sensors and 8 digital inputs


Self-operated controller with power supply 220V.

Continuously measure and indicate temperature of 8 remote sensors and 8 digital inputs. Range of -40 to +90 ° C. Length of cable to 60 meters.

Record temperatures in a programmable time interval from 1 to 99 minutes. Maximum number of entries 2700. Print the completed report (Excel file) to a computer via USB. Protocol contains company name, the name of promise, where fitted, moods vremeinterval, records number and serial number of the controller, the time of printing.

Backlit LCD display. Easy to use keypad. Free software for Windows.

• Save on heating systems
• Record of refrigeration systems
• Monitoring of stores
• Investigation of Insulation
• Energy Efficiency
• Analysis and tuning of thermal processes


Heater Control with 3 Digital Sensors for Central Heating Systems


Controller box coat DIN RAIL mounting with power supply 220V.

Manages a variety of processes heaters boilers electrolysis boilers and boilers for local heating. Uses digital sensors for temperature range to 100 ° C with a maximum cable length of 30 meters.

Four different configurations depending on the number associated sensors. Automatically detects configuration. Four different operating modes with easy replacement of the button panel without using tools. External input for permission from the weekly programmer or remote button.

Quick menu to change the room temperature. Adjustable time interval work the pump. Backlit display. Easy monitoring with remote indicators on the front panel. Built-in protection for each output. Indicator for blown fuse.

• Local heating
• underfloor heating
• Termokontrol
• Ventilation
• Dryers


Heating control sensor with 2 and 3 heating stages


Controller box coat DIN RAIL mounting with power supply 220V.

Manages the process of distribution of fresh air with 3-speed heater. Uses digital temperature sensors. Monitor the temperature of the heat input and trigger a set limit. Switching the heater grades excluding them sequentially to reach the maximum level of output.

External input for authorization of a remote button or the room thermostat to work as slave to another machine. Easy off button on the panel without using tools. Mode testing outputs for optimal range.

Quick Menu to change the room temperature. Backlit display. Easy remote monitoring with bright lights on the front panel. Built-in fuse.

• Fresh air distribution
• Underfloor heating
• Thermal control
• Ventilation


Indicator and printer for product shelf life


The electronic system Food Keeper is intended for use in the kitchens of restaurants and other catering facilities, shops and food exchanges or warehouses for products with short durability. It is a wall mountable indication panel with colour LEDs, comfortable and easy to use buttons, enough space for names and external thermal printer.

• Saves considerable amount of the personnel’s time and efforts
• Improves the organization of work
• Reduces the documentation in the kitchen
• Guarantees the quality of the offered products
• Increases the clients’ trust
• This is the traffic light system of the kitchen

• Restaurants
• Main kitchen
• Food warehouses
• Cooling chambers


Complete Electronic Control of Chicken Hatchery


The controller is designed for automatic control of cabinet-type incubators "Optima". Designed to be installed easily without additional changes to the existing facility. After adjusting the operating mode does not require additional service. Works available in the cupboard with power and authority supports two modes - "Management" and "Indication".

The controller manages the 3-speed heater with accurately maintain temperature window of 0,15 ° C. While managing the included fan, cooler, humidifier and turning mechanism. Operation and status of the executive authority of the observed indicators and illuminated display column of light above each cabinet incubators. In all critical situations trigger cheese.

All cabinets incubated in the database can be connected to a remote computer that is running a program to monitor, record, archive data and remote settings change. The program is made in accordance with the physical location of facilities on site.

• Incubators Cabinets
• Hatcher cabinets
• Incubators type "Optima"

BS-15 PV

Driver for 15 Sun Trackers for Photovoltaic Solar Panels


Self-operated controller mounting box IP67. Power supply 220V. Built-in battery 18V. After initial setup does not require service.

Controls from 1 to 15 rolling stands for photovoltaic-type collectors Astro Track 3K. To connect the module as the engine of each stand using cable 3h0, 75 rather than a system with 4-wire cable. Extremely easy and economical installation.

The movement of the stand is 8:00 in the light of day. Average annual increase of energy is utilized and the maximum 24% - 31% compared to static models. Measure the temperature of the panel and the outside temperature. Built '485 interface.

Menus password protected, easy to use keyboard. Backlit LCD display with Cyrillic characters.

• Sun Tracker Systems
• Increases efficiency of PV panels


Electronic security systems for armored cars


A multiprocessor system with unique hardware architecture. Powering 12V from original and/or additional battery of the car. A third battery supports the work of the microprocessor part in a metal box in a protected space in the load sector.

The system monitors all doors, locks, additional locks and hatches in the original and additional doors of the armored car. The system controls the unlocking mechanisms on the principle “only one open door”. It controls the starting of the car. The system generates sound and light signalization with additional siren and the car’s indicators. The system emits combination of signals by GPS for the different conditions and the operating regime. It monitors the integrated and additional panic buttons. It activates one or two smoke-generators with special gas.

Front panel specific for every car model, mounted in the coupe, indicates by sound and light signals the condition of all mechanisms responsible for security. It identifies the driver by means of RF card. The system allows operation of buttons which control the doors according to complex logics and the system’s modes – Operation, Service, Garage and Alarm with Gas.

The system is mounted in 60 cars Ford and WV, armored by Phoenix Aero Special LTD , used by Loomis – the biggest transporter of cash in Europe .

• armored cars

Сейфова касета с брава Electra


E-conference voting system with radio modules


Wireless system provides feedback during the presentation between the speaker and listener. Full compatibility with Microsoft Power Point and Microsoft Word.

In each of the Power Point presentation can be used to audience questions after them with the proposed numbers 1 to 9 answers or responses to the three states - Yes, No, Abstention. Lecturer presentation with a remote control unit similar to the outstanding listeners, while moving freely in the room. Responses are received and displayed directly in the presentation and recorded in graphic form on the slide after a query.

Unable to get more answers from the outstanding transmission modules in the hall. Even during the vote a listener to press several buttons on its radiomodul receiver broadcast last seen and it counts as one vote.

Radio receiver is powered through the USB cable to connect to the computer contains no battery and needs no external power. Batteries and transmission modules provide over five years working at 100 clicks per day.

• E-conference

Ell Cam (BS-5D)

Electronic Lock ELL CAM


Elegant design, easy installation of doors on cabinets.

Extremely low power consumption providing more than 15,000 openings with a battery 9V.

Tested in extreme temperatures from -18 to +55 degrees Celsius. Undergone testing against moisture, unauthorized attempts to open by breaking.

Variety of functions according to the selected model - client, hotel, office users swap. 4-digit code. Two 6-digit Master code. History of openings.

Available in various colors and options: vertical, horizontal right and left horizontal handle.

Constructed as required by the EU lead-free technology.

• Cabinets values
• Changing rooms
• Schools
• Airports
• Sports Centres
• Hospitals
• Offices
• Fitness room

Electra (BS-V4)

Electronic Combination Lock for Safes and Doors


Electronic-mechanical device with a high degree of secrecy and mechanical protection.

Powered by 2 batteries of 1,5 V, size AA, which are loaded / replaced on the inside for removal of plastic cover, without special tools or disassembly of the lock. The device has extremely low power consumption, which ensures more than 10,000 openings and closings with a new set of batteries, under normal weather conditions.

After buying the lock, the customer can choose a combination of both digital code and its length. For both codes are allowed length of combinations of 2 to 14 digits.

Constructed as required by the EU lead-free technology. Passed the tests for class 2 Vds in Germany.

• Safe boxes and doors
• Doors on cabinets

Power Blitz

Blitz go-go effect with DMX control


Powerful (6KW) blitz gun is self-operating device in a metal box from the mains. Work protocol DMX 512 channels occupying three of the package. Address configuration is built by jumper section. Can be run as an independent and device based remote console with potentiometers.

From embedded switches is chosen mode of work on DMX or manual. DMX address mode can be from 1 to 128. In manual mode can be synchronized through an external pulse generator in the input provided for this purpose.

In DMX mode projector supports effect "Blinder". The effect is very impressive over the psyche of the audience especially combined with Techno Rave or Heavy Metal sound system and it is accompanied by special electronic limit the duration of the work and pause between two inclusions.

• Discotheque lighting
• Stage Lighting

DMX Dimmer

4 Chanel DMX Dimmer for 8 KW


Four-chanel dimmer is indicated for the management of powerful spotlights on stage or discotheque lighting. Work protocol DMX 512, occupying 4 channels of the package. Address configuration is built by jumper section. There is no restriction in the placement of address.

From embedded switches can not be excluded work on DMX and configure the device to work in "potentiometer", suitable for manual control of stage lights. Intensity of each of the four channels is set manually from the front panel potentiometers. Alignment is from 0 to 100% power for each channel.

As an optional device can be used for generator effect "running lights".

• Discotheque lighting
• Stage Lighting
• Amusement Parks
• Advertising signs


Thermo Control System for Hothouses and Greenhouses


Set controllers and software for monitoring and recording temperature. The system is designed to be modular and configurable as the case of the client. It consists of the following components:

• measuring modules
• measuring probes
• transducer interface module
• PC
• power and communication cables

• Greenhouses
• Greenhouses
• mushroom
• Stores and others


System for Thermomonitoring in Grain Foods Storehouses

Corn Silo Thermocontrol

System for continuous monitoring of temperature in the silos for grain storage is built on a modular basis. It consists of the following components:/p>

• measuring modules
• measuring probe with multiple sensors
• indicator module
• PC

The system is applicable to metal and concrete silos, each object configuration of components is made in this case. For optimal temperature monitoring is important to know in advance the height, diameter and number of cells present in a silo, and the type of stored grain.

• Concrete silos
• Metal silos
• They went warehouses

Corn Silo With Thermocontrol System


Termokontrol of Kiln


• Електронна система за непрекъсната работа в реално време
• Температурен диапазон от -30 до + 90 °C
• Осветен дисплей, херметична кутия, прозрачен капак, клавиатура
• Захранване от адаптер 9-12V или отдалечен захранващ модул
• Предаване на данните по кабел или радиоканал
• Цифрови показания с точност 0,1 °C
• Скорост на измерване - 1 показание в секунда
• Връзка с отдалечен компютър
• Максимална дължина на сондата до 60 м
• Максимален брой сонди: 8. Максимален брой датчици: 48
• Конфигуриране на сондите по желание на клиента
• Автоматично архивиране на данните от сушилния процес в Excel протокол
• Автоматично приключване на протокола за указан период на сушене
• Триизмерни графики на температурата от различни точки в реално време

• Dryers for wood
• Fruit dryers

Key Maker 2

3-coordinate cutting machine for making dimple keys


Electromechanical system controlled by computer. Consists of high precision mechanical part, cutting machine with adjustable rotations and replaceable instrument, microprocessor block, powering part, drivers for step engines, USB cable for connection to computer and Windows software.

Two stepper motors control the movement of a vice keeping a key billet along coordinates X and Y. A third stepper motor controls the movement of the cutting machine along coordinate Z.

From the extremely easy to use menus of the software you select model of the key, order number of the key, number of keys to make. Animated intuitive screens invite the operator to open the cover, to turn the billet, to charge with the next key, etc.

• Milling according to a known model and number from a table of codes
• Milling according to a manually entered secret according to a selected model
• Milling of S-type track
• Milling of systems of Master System

Jointly developed with Mauer Locking Systems LTD . Made in Bulgaria – the only place in the world where it is possible only two people, a mechanical engineer and an electronics engineer, to create a unique product of such scale!

• key model Elit
• key model Elit 2
• key model Elit 2M
• key model Elit 2A
• key model Elit 2S
• key model GM
• key model New Wave 4

Сейфова касета с брава Electra

BS-Lock Tester

Automated bench testing of electronic and mechanical locks


Electromechanical system operated by computer. It consists of mechanical parts, electronic power supply unit with 220V, USB cable for PC connectivity and software for Windows.

Two stepper motor perform inserting the key in the lock and test a certain degree rotation in both directions. Proigrava operator of the stand every step of the test using simple software commands. The sequence of actions recorded as a program for testing and launches.

In testing the electronic locks perform bench pressing keys combination code. Supported 12 different button.

Computer manages the work of the bench, recorded the number of cycles performed and produced complete report (Excel file) of the test. Record the reasons for blocking mechanism studies and terminate employment.

• Testing of electronic locks
• Testing of mechanical locks


Galvanically separated USB to RS485 converter


• USB port to RS485 interface converter
• Power from USB port of PC, does not require external power
• Integrated DC-DC converter
• Derived signals + D,-D, +5 V, GND, optically separated from the computer
• Possible alleging 12V/80mA second power DC-DC converter
• Payload of consumer external 5V - 100 mA
• LED indication of communication in both directions
• Integrated chip FT232R USB UART
• Based plug USB-B
• Dimensions 90 х 51 х 25 мм

• Controllers networks
• Working with interface devices '485
• Communication with meters
• Power supply and use SUNNY SENSORBOX


Galvanically separated transferter RS232 interface


• Transmit two-way RS232 signals
• Ability to work at speeds from 300 to 115 200 KBs
• Four separate optical signals in both directions
• Galvanically separated power, integrated DC-DC converter
• External power adapter in the 9-12 V
• Dimensions 90 х 51 х 25 мм

• PC Connection machine
• Connection Machine-Machine
• Working with devices' RS232 interface


Truck Thermograph and Printer with Two Temperature Sensors


Controller in an elegant box for wall attachment. Powered by voltage from 8 to 32V.

Continuously measure and indicate temperature of two remote sensors. Range of -40 to +90 ° C. The maximum length of cable can be up to 30 meters.

Record temperatures in a programmable time interval from 1 to 99 minutes. Maximum number of records in 2740. Sound and light signals for recording. Quick button for mute.

Print the completed "Transport document" or "Snapshot of the carriage". Imprint the name of the company-carrier, the number of vehicle attitudes during an interval, the number of entries made, the controller serial number, time (hour, minutes, day, month, year) of the print.

Password protected menus, elegant and easy to use keyboard. Backlit LCD display with Cyrillic characters. Works with 57 mm thermal paper. Built-in clock with battery. Built-in fuse. Does not lose data when power failure.

• Refrigerated trucks
• Food Storage
• Cold rooms
• Dryers