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Electronic Data Logger With Two Remote Temperature Sensors


Made in Bulgaria

• Continuous data reading, display and recording system
• Back-lit LCD display with Cyrillic characters
• Simplified and user-friendly keyboard, sound signalling
• Programmable recording time interval from 1 to 99 minutes
• Integrated clock and calendar for real time with 3V battery
• Measures, displays and records temperatures from two points from -40 to +90 °С
• Displays the number of recordings in the memory and the adjusted time interval
• Measures using 1 second tick, displays the direction of change
• Automatic stop after adjusted number of recordings
• Automatically recommences recording after power failure
• Adjustment menus protected by 4 symbol password
• Prints transport protocol of mobile printer with thermal paper
• Prints notes with the momentary condition upon switched on data recording
• Prints the name of the facility, the name of the company, the serial number, etc.
• Sends data from the archive to notebook, thermal printer, USB or wireless
• Network connection of several panels with common printer and common powering
• Free software for Windows 98/XP with USB hardware converter

• Storehouses of foods
• Storehouses of grain
• Fuel depots
• Pharmacy, Hospital
• Hothouse, Glass-house
• Cellar, Wins-cellar
• Cistern, Tank, Cask
• Reservoir, Pool
• Mushroom cellar


Controller BS-7400 is an electronic thermal recorder in a self-contained box suitable for wall mounting, powered by mains adapter 9-12V.

It ensures continuous measuring, display and recording of temperature in two points. The recorded data is saved in programmable time intervals and is printed in complete save protocol containing the name of the facility, the name of the company, the serial number of the controller and the number of readings; the temperature readings recorded at a particular moment are presented in a table.

Two temperature pick-ups are connected to the display panel with cables of different length, specified by the client. The pick-ups are mounted at different points in the supervised room or one of them is chosen to be exterior. The maximum length of the cable for each pick-up is 30 metres. The temperature range of the system is from -40 to +90 °C.

The operations with the controller are made easier by using only 3 buttons on the panel. During recording the system does not require supervision and once adjusted does not lose data in case of power failure. If during record mode there has been power failure, the recording continues after restoring powering until reaching the desired number of readings. After the automatic or manual suspension of recording You can print several save protocols and their copy can be handed to the end client, who the goods have been meant for.

A portable printer in a self-contained box is connected to each display BS-7400. One printer can be used for printing of the protocols of several modules, connected with a common communication cable or placed in different facilities or warehouses. Instead of a mobile printer there can be included a module radio transmitter and the data can be sent to a stationary personal computer within 60 metres. By means of a supplementary USB coupling the data can be stored on a notebook as .TXT or .XLS file.


• Indicator Panel BS-7400 (with blue or green display)
• Т1 - themperature sensor with cable up to 60 metters
• Т2 - themperature sensor with cable up to 60 metters
• Power adapter 9-12V DC

In addition to set

• USB converter for connection with PC
• Software for Windows
• Mobile thermoprinter

Technical Data

• indicator module dimensions BS-7400: 180 x 100 x 30 mm
• printer dimensions: 150 х 120 х 80 mm
• power consumption 12V: 40 mA
• letters for firm name: 15
• letters for place name: 15